St Martin de Porres Church

31555 Hoover RD
Warren, MI 48093

Rev. Nicholas Zukowski, Pastor
Rev. Mr. Marion Jurewicz,​ Deacon

Tel: (586) 264-7515
 Fax: (586) 264-4013
  Formation: (586) 264-7970  


Dear candidates,

We, the parish community of St. Martin de Porres witnessed your Confirmation, which is an affirmation of your faith and the outpouring of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Always remember: your Faith is such a precious gift. The Catholic Christian life is not an easy one, but it is one you are called to live out 24/7. Remember the message that years of religious education and formation have taught you: Catholicism is a journey, with a destination far beyond this world.

Your Confirmation is not a graduation; rather, it is a calling for you to choose new and exciting ways to serve the Church. Now is the time to serve your Church! As an altar server, as a lector, or as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. Even as a choir member!

Come to church every week to give thanksgiving, the true meaning of the word, “Eucharist.” Come and be nourished, then go out to make Jesus Christ known and visible in the world. This is your spiritual home, and we are here for you. We are proud to have walked with you to this new level of your faith journey. We pray for you. We believe in you. May the Holy Spirit you will receive more fully today always be with you.

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