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Welcome to St. Martin de Porres Church
Saints Among Saints Family of Parishes:
St. Blase, St. Ephrem, St. Martin de Porres, St. Michael

Our nation-wide, three-year-long Eucharistic Revival reaches its high point with the 10th National Eucharistic Congress, which begins this Wednesday and concludes this Sunday at Indianapolis, Indiana. Tens of thousands of representatives from all across our nation –north, south, east and west – will join as one family of Eucharistic Faith in praising God, celebrating our Catholicism, and being sent to proclaim this Good News to others!

This National Congress will include Masses, worship, talks, workshops, and more to celebrate Christ’s true presence in the Eucharist. Grace Lallmann, one of our parishioners, is planning to attend the congress, the first such event to be held in the U.S. in over 80 years. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect at the once-in-a-lifetime 

Day 1: “From the Four Corners” (Wednesday)
The main event Wednesday is the opening procession and the large-scale “Revival Session,” taking place from 7 to 10 p.m. in Lucas Oil Stadium, the massive indoor arena of the Indianapolis Colts. The Revival Sessions, the capstone of each day of the congress, will feature dynamic speakers as well as praise and worship. The opening procession will see the culmination of the four National Eucharistic Pilgrimages. Starting from four different spots -- San Francisco, northern Minnesota, southern Texas, and Connecticut -- pilgrims processed the Eucharist thousands of miles to Indianapolis, with Catholics invited to join in and walk small segments along the way.

Day 2: “The Greatest Love Story” (Thursday)
On Thursday, a “Family Rosary Across America” will be prayed from 8 to 8:30 a.m. Opening liturgies —offered in various languages and various Catholic rites —begin at
8:30 a.m., followed by morning “Impact Sessions” from 10:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. The Impact Sessions will consist of talks and workshops “organized with various themes and intended audiences” that attendees can choose from. Organizers of the Congress
have explained that the event will offer special sessions geared toward different Catholics in attendance to best suit their needs. (The Congress website includes detailed information about each session on its “Schedule” page.) For example, “Cultivate” sessions are geared toward families; “Empower” sessions are for people working as missionaries; “Renewal” sessions are for ministry leaders; “Abide” sessions are specifically for priests; and the “Awaken” sessions are specifically for youth. 

Thursday Breakout Session topics include a discussion on ensuring access to the Eucharist for people with disabilities; apologetic defenses of the Eucharist against fundamentalist arguments; a biblical walk through the Mass; and a talk titled “Sex, Gender, and a Sacramental Worldview.”

Day 3: “Into Gethsemane” (Friday)
Friday’s schedule will be very similar to Thursday’s, with the timing of the morning liturgies, Impact Sessions, lunch and expo hall schedules, and afternoon Breakout Sessions all being the same (but with different Breakout Session topic options available for attendees). Breakout sessions this day include a discussion about parish 
vocation ministries, Catholic health care, and the Eucharist as a source of healing after abortion. 

Day 4: “This is My Body” (Saturday)
After a similar schedule to the previous two days from 8 a.m. until 2:45 p.m., one of the highlights of Saturday will be a mile-long Eucharistic procession around downtown Indianapolis, beginning at 3 p.m. and going until 5 p.m.

Day 5: “To the Ends of the Earth” (Sunday)
The 10th National Congress will wrap up with a final Revival Session from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m., followed by a final Family Rosary Across America and then a closing Mass at 10 a.m. celebrated by a papal delegate with music by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. The end of the Congress will not mark the end of the multi-year Eucharistic Revival. The third and final year, following the Congress, will be dedicated to the Church “going out on mission” to renew the world. Jonah McKeown, who wrote this schedule, is a staff writer and podcast producer for Catholic News Agency. Various activities are planned locally in our Archdiocese, Vicariate and Parishes. Please go to aod.org/eucharisticcongress for more details.

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Our Mission:​

We, the parishioners of St. Martin de Porres of Warren, reflecting the qualities of
our patron saint, strive to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, celebrate the
mystery of God’s love ​in our midst, and serve one another and the wider human
community, thus continuing the ​Mission of Jesus Christ.

​- Reviewed and approved by the Parish Pastoral Council ​June, 2016