​Active Christian Women's Club

Correction for the September 2020 Newsletter regarding Spring Luncheon at the Gazebo: The date is planned for Sunday May 16, 2021.

Due to Coronavirus - General Meetings, Birthday Breakfast, and Craft Group Meetings have been suspended until further notice.

We would also like to acknowledge that many of our members renewed their 2020/2021 annual membership dues over and beyond actual dues during these most uncertain times. WITHOUT YOU WE WOULD NOT EXIST – THANK YOU!

  • Oct 30 – Board Meeting conference call at 11:15 AM.
  • Nov 07 - Craft Fair – for everyone’s safety due to Coronavirus this event has been suspended and is now in the planning stages for a possible May 2021 Spring Craft Fair. We will keep everyone apprised as plans progress. 
  • Nov 10 – Memorial mass for deceased member Camille Uryga at 9:30 AM liturgy.
  • Nov 12 - General Meeting suspended until further notice.
  • Nov 24 – Memorial mass for deceased member Marilyn Wood at 9:30 AM liturgy.
  • Nov 20 – Board meeting conference call. 
  • Nov 24 – Birthday Breakfast suspended until further notice. Happy Birthday to club members Joann K & Virginia L and all those who celebrate birthdays in November.
  • Craft Group – Meetings suspended until further notice.

​Join the Pius X Council 

​The Knights of Columbus is the world's largest Catholic fraternal service organization. Founded in the United States in 1882, it is named in honor of Christopher Columbus and dedicated to the principles of  Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism.

Meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of the month in the Parish Center, Room 1

​For contact information or to learn more, visit the Council's Website

Right To Life

Any woman who has felt a baby stir inside her and any man, who has seen the tiny heart pulsing on an ultrasound screen, knows that baby is alive and abortion will destroy that life. Choose life.

Regina F.

Parish Representative for Right To Life

Cancelled Stamp Collection Continues

We are still collecting used stamps. Arrangements have been completed with The Sisters of Notre Dame for the collection of used stamps. They advise that all money made from the used stamps will be used via their charities to feed the poor. A very worthy cause as the need is great! As in the past you may place your stamps in the green box located on the shelves just outside of the usher’s room. Thank you!

St. Martin de Porres First Saturday Memorial Association
What is the St. Martin de Porres first Saturday Memorial Association?
It is a special offering made by parishioners through which your intentions are remembered at the 5:00 Mass to be celebrated each FIRST SATURDAY of the month
throughout the entire year. 

Why start such a memorial?
This Monthly Memorial fulfills many of your requests for monthly prayer for your special intentions or for a loved ones who are deceased; your intentions will be listed each week on the back of the parish bulletin. Your offering of $60.00 per year will help to support the parish bulletin.

What is the requested offering?
A yearly offering of $60.00 is asked for the intentions to be remembered at this Mass, to be celebrated on the first Saturday of each month at the 5:00 Mass.

How do I list my Intentions?
You may list your intentions one of two ways. As one individual name: Mary Jones or you may list family groupings: The Jones Family. Multiple names may be listed but require an additional offering of $60.00 for each name listed.

When will these Masses begin?
As the memorial begins to form, and intentions are submitted, we will begin the Masses in May of this year. Some have already submitted names. The “intention year” will then be from May to May. And then we begin again. If you wish to continue having your intentions remembered at these Masses, you will be asked to renew your offering each year.

How do I become part of the “St. Martin de Porres First Saturday Memorial Association?
Please submit form on bottom of bulletin Memorial page with your payment to:
Diocesan—Dave Laney
1050 74th St. SW
Byron Center, MI 49513
Email: DLaney@Diocesan.com


​SMdP Lottery - Here's how it works:
Purchase a $5 raffle ticket
Your ticket is good all month
Tickets are numbered from 000 to 999 and assigned randomly
Only 1,000 tickets will be sold each month
The more you purchase, the better your chance of winning
Watch the Michigan lottery evening drawing

Every day of the month at 7:28 p.m. on WDIV (Channel 4) after Wheel of Fortune, or go to www.Michigan.gov/lottery after 8:00 p.m. OR watch the Sunday bulletin to see if you are a winner

There are 90 chances to win. Here is how you win:
If your number matches the 3-digit lottery number you win $50
If your number matches on Wednesday, you win $100
The Seller of the Wednesday matching ticket wins $50
If your number is one number down you win $10
If your number is one number up you win $10

Here's an example:
Evening lottery number is 123
Your number is : 122 you win $10
Your number is: 123 you win $50 or $100
​Your number is: 124 you win $10

Here is how your contribution helps:

100% of the proceeds from this raffle will be used for the general operations, repair, and maintenance of our parish facilities.

Ticket Sales begin January - Start winning March 1st 
Watch the bulletin for updates

View the FAQ

Monthly Prayer Calendar

It is a privilege to pray for one another as baptized people. Here at St. Martin’s all parishioners are remembered at a Mass every weekend. Below is a list of those who are employed at St. Martin’s and those who are liturgical ministers or serve within the Archdiocese of Detroit who also need our prayers. We ask that on the day given you offer a simple prayer for that person or group that they be given the help they need to be “joyful missionary disciples.”


1. Fr. Nick Zukowski (Pastor)
2. Deacon Marion Jurewicz (Permanent Deacon)
3. Sr. Pat Whalen (Worship Coordinator)
4. Michael Adams (Music Director)
5. Janis Ayoub (Administrative Assistant))
6. Christine Cabe (Director of Christian Formation)
7. Greg Dominick (Evening Maintenance)
8 Zora Dziurman (Part Time Administrative Assistant)
9. Renee Heileman, RN (Parish Nurse/Christian Service Director)
10. Lori Isaac (Office Manager)
11. Larry Lage (Part time Facilities Manager)
12. Bruce Langlands (Contemporary Choir Director)
13. Mary Loria (Administrative Assistant)
14. John McGovern (Part time musician))
15. Dawn Peters (Bookkeeper)
16. Jackie Sciotti (Housekeeper)
17. Brian Tomaszewski (Daytime Maintenance)
18. Parish Council & Commission Members
19. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
20. Lectors
21. Ushers/Ministers of Hospitality
22. Altar Servers
23. Archbishop Allen Vigneron
24. Archdiocese of Detroit
25. Bishop Robert Fisher
26. Central Macomb Vicariate
27. Seminarians
28. Volunteers
29. Homebound Parishioners
30. Vocations
31. Parish Choirs

Other Upcoming Local Events

How To Report Abuse

The Archdiocese of Detroit encourages individuals to

report clergy sexual abuse of minors and others – no matter when the abuse occurred. Individuals may contact local law enforcement authorities and/or they may report to

the Archdiocese of Detroit

by calling the Victim

Assistance Coordinator at

(866) 343-8055 or by 

emailing vac@aod.org In addition, the Michigan

Attorney General’s Office

can be contacted at its

toll-free reporting hotline at (844) 324-3374

(Monday through Friday,

8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

or by email at aginvestigations@michigan.gov

More information about the Archdiocese’s efforts to

address abuse may be found 

at protect.aod.org.

St. Martin de Porres Church News

St Martin de Porres Church

31555 Hoover RD
Warren, MI 48093

Rev. Nicholas Zukowski, Pastor
Rev. Mr. Marion Jurewicz,​ Deacon

Tel: (586) 264-7515
 Fax: (586) 264-4013
  Formation: (586) 264-7970  


News from St. Martin de Porres 
​Parish Ministries and Groups

For Widowed Men and Women

For further information about Widowed Friends and upcoming events, visit our website at www.widowedfriends.org

Give Thanks with Online Giving

During these next few weeks please remember to continue to support your parish if you are able. You can easily go to online giving and either set up for weekly donations or a one time donation. We need your support now more than ever.

...Read the FAQ

Sign up, or see your giving history at anytime by logging in at our Parish's web page at  Connect Now.

OR - Give through the AoD!

The AoD  has modified the CSA Online Giving platform so that parishes can use it for online offertory, through a fund separate from CSA called “Parish Online Offertory.”

St. Martin de Porres Parish, Warren, has a parish-unique online-giving link for CSA. The parish-unique online-giving domain is: http://smdeporres.aodcsa.org

You may also mail your church support envelope to us or bring it at your convenience to the mail drop box at the parish office.

Prayer Resources and Links 

To help support and guide your at-home prayers and observances during this stay-at-home period, visit our Resources page for links and available programs we hope will enrich your faith journey.

RCIA News 


This is the time of year when we “seek the seekers” – when we invite men, women and young adults who are seeking to have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and become part of His Church. Unbaptized adults and teens are invited to join our RCIA process to prepare to celebrate the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults at the Great Easter Vigil on the night before Easter Sunday. Do you or someone you know need to be baptized, be confirmed or receive Holy Eucharist for the first time? Contact the Parish Office and let us know. Our RCIA Director will contact you. Formation sessions (classes) are held on Saturday afternoons from 3:30 PM to 4:45 PM.

Resuming Parish Center Activities

We seem to have a handle on sanitizing and keeping safe during our church services. Now we are looking at the parish center. We welcome back our local Alcoholics Anonymous group on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:00 PM, and our local Boy Scout Troop on Thursday nights. Thank you for your patience and cooperation. 


All of us received a duplicate mailing from the CSA office downtown, because an incorrect phone number was included in the original mailing. If you have not yet made your CSA gift/pledge, please do so now. If you already have, thanks SO much! We are off to a slow start, with only 8% of our target reached so far. You can select where your gift goes among the seven areas of ministry and service provided by the Archdiocese of Detroit!

Archdiocese of Detroit Mass Count Oct 24-25 & Oct 31-Nov 1 

We will do a Mass count for the Archdiocese on the weekends of October 24-25 and October 31-November  1.

Daylight Saving Time Ends

October 31-November 1: Remember to turn your clock BACK one hour as Daylight Saving Time ends.

Memorial Mass Monday, November 2 

In our Catholic tradition, November is set apart for special remembrance of all the faithful departed. Here at St. Martin’s, we wish to remember in a special way those whose funerals were celebrated at St. Martin’s since November 1, 2019.

On Monday, November 2, the Feast of All Souls, at 7:00 PM we will have a special Mass to pray for them. Each name of the deceased will be recited, a bell will be chimed and a family member will receive a flower in their memory.

Attention – Lectors and Servers

When COVID-19 began in March some requested that they not be scheduled until further notice. If any of you who did so and are ready to return to service please let me know before I put together the new schedule which will begin the weekend of Nov. 14-15. I need to know by the end of October when I will be making the new schedules.

Thank you. God bless.
Sr. Pat

Music News - Help Wanted!

The St. Martin de Porres Contemporary Group is looking for a drummer / Percussionist. We rehearse on Tuesday evening at 7:30 PM and play 1 mass on the weekend. Please
call the Parish Center and leave a message or see Bruce Langlands after mass if interested.

Christian Formation News - Poinsettia Sale

After much consideration, it has been decided, that due to the uncertainly of the COVID-19 pandemic and with cases on the rise, we will not have the Poinsettia Sale in December this year. Thank you for your understanding and support. We look forward to next year.

The Latest News on "Families of Parishes

On September 22, the pastors of the parishes in the Central Macomb Vicariate met to submit their proposed groupings of Families of Parishes. On October 1st, they were submitted to the Central Committee for their review and recommendations to the Archbishop for his approval. St. Martin de Porres leadership recommended that we group with four parishes north of us. In the meantime, we are to form a parish leadership team which will complete the following tasks:

  • Define the strengths, needs and charisms of each parish and help ensure that the identity and unique characteristics of each parish are recognized and shared within each Family, 
  • Provide input to the Assignment Board as they seek to match the talents of the clergy with the needs of the parish as pastor and associate pastor assignments are made,
  • Assist with the development of strategic plans as we enter the Sent on Mission phase for Families of Parishes, and 
  • PRAY that the Holy Spirit can sort out all of this! I trust in the Holy Spirit that we are going in the right direction. Phase one of the new Families of Parishes will begin in July, 2021.

On September 22, Archbishop of Detroit Allen Vigneron held a Zoom conference with about 188 priests to review the three primary Archdiocesan organizational and planning groups of Families of Parishes: Leadership/Governance, Mission Direct and Mission Support. More at www.familyofparishes.org

Mass Intentions

Please remember that you must schedule your Mass intentions at least 2 weeks before the anniversary or special intention date if you want them to appear in the parish bulletin. If you phone or come in to say that you forgot to do this, we are sorry, but this two-week advance notification is necessary because of the bulletin copy submission deadline, which is ten days before the weekend of bulletin distribution. Thanks for your cooperation! Our email is: 


Listed below is the normal schedule we use to collect these important products needed for our program. As I have informed you in the past, bridge cards cannot be used to purchase these things. Only food can be purchased with the cards. As we get back to a somewhat normal existence and attend church again, we may have to alter the collection somewhat. Collection boxes will be placed in the back of church as we normally do. All donations will be greatly appreciated. Our food collection for this program is also a couple of months behind due to the crisis. Please check dates on the food you are able to donate. We can only use food with expiration dates of 2021 or later for the program. Here is our “wish list.” 

 October: Toilet paper
 November: Thanksgiving food and turkeys
 December: Christmas food and turkeys

We are a strong community and you share your blessings in very generous ways. Thank you so much. 

​SMdP On YouTube

Want to watch Fr. Nick's homilies, messages to the Religious Education students, or keep up with other events and goings on in the church? Then tune into our church's new YouTube channel. Click here to go to www.youtube.com or search "St. Martin dePorres, Warren, Michigan".  It will take you to all the posted videos and if you join the site (which is free), you will be notified of new videos as they are posted. This is another
great way to watch the church in action!

Remembering Those in Service to Our Country

We are maintaining a list of Parishioners or relatives of parishioners who are in the military. Please fill out the form and return it to the parish office. Please provide the following Information;

Name & Rank
Branch of Service
Where they are stationed at 
Relative of